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Connecting to your unique interests—to what you want to explore, be part of, take on—is a joyous part of living a life you love.

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    Coach, Trainer & Therapist

    Personal Consulting, Solution Focused Therapy

    Survival is a primordial instinct, but most of our instincts or the spontaneous behaviours that we display are not innate. In fact, to deny this is to accept that a person’s character is inherited, which is the basis of very xenophobic argument.

    CBT Therapy

    CBT helps breakdown overwhelming problems into small, manageable...

    Life Coaching

    Life coaching is a structured process of figuring out who are you, what you...

    Personal Coaching

    Personal coaching focuses on increasing your self-awareness ....

    Complete Wellness program

    It may involve strategies to lose weight, boost fitness levels, gain motivation...

    Working together

    for your better life

    Some Quick Enlightenment Sessions on YouTube & Instagram.
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    My Mission

    My inspiration for becoming a life coach came from my own experience as i lived an incomplete and unfulfilled life. My hard work, resilience, enthusiasm and conviction brought me a long way. My self-experience and observation of the depth of pain and problems people go through in their daily lives motivated me to contribute to many lives.

    Simran Sahni - Life Coach

    Simran Sahni

    Cognitive Behavioural Therapist(CBT) Practitioner
    Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) Practitioner




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